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Vape juice or e-liquid, is the liquid that goes into your vape mod.  It’s what is atomized to create the vapor itself.  E-liquid is usually made from: water, flavoring, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.  As e-juice is sold with and without nicotine, it is an optional ingredient.

Vape Juice Brands

Empire Merchandise carries all the top brands, including: Naked, Coastal Clouds, Cloud Nurdz, Excision, Juice Head, Twist, SVRF, Zen Haus, Taylor, Red’s, Noms, Market Place, Jus, Hi-Drip, Fruitia, Air Factory, Cassadaga, Strange Fruit, and Aqua.

Vape Juice Flavors

There’s a wide variety of flavors for vaping.  You can get most flavors with or without menthol.  Flavors with menthol are commonly known as “ice” flavors.  Common flavor categories include, fruity, candy, dessert, cereal, menthol, drinks, and tobacco.  You can also get a juice variant called nic salts that offer a smoother vaping experience.

Vape Juice with Nicotine

There are two main types of vape juice with nicotine in it, salt nic vape juice and freebase nicotine.

Salt Nic Vape Juice:

Nicotine salt, more commonly known as nic salt or salt nic, is created through molecular binding of salt from tobacco to give your more nicotine with a reduced throat hit. Some benefits of salt nic juice include:

    • Faster absorption of nicotine
    • Effects last longer
    • Smoother hit

Freebase Nicotine:

Freebase nicotine is the original type of nicotine E-liquid. It is made from a chemical process that turns the nicotine into its purest form. Because of this chemical process Freebase nicotine has a harsher hit on the throat, feeling more like cigarettes. Some benefits of freebase nicotine are:

    • Lower in price
    • Wide range of nicotine strengths (can be lower in nicotine than salt nic juice)
    • More varieties of Propylene glycol (hit) and vegetable glycerine (flavor).